29 + Co. provides effective strategies, design direction, and trend insight to transform your beauty business into a powerhouse. Together, we'll dig deep to discover and uncover your authentic story and point of difference. Our carefully curated approach will position your brand to stand out in a sea of mediocrity. We'll help establish your brand's unique personality, design a streamlined identity system, and create dynamic customer experiences to build a brand platform that's perfectly aligned with your goals. 


Like a perfectly curated shadow palette, we take different aspects of your brand, and highlight your best features to create a beautiful masterpiece. Through an interactive discovery session we will identify and clarify your who, what, where, and why. Then we'll analyze everything from the workshop to create a bespoke marketing strategy and brand roadmap. The roadmap includes your brand positioning, target personas, consumer behaviors, competitive benefits and advantages, tone of voice, and defined goals to maximize your growth, increase revenue opportunities.

In this smart-technology age, consumers and beauty-enthusiasts are constantly enticed with new products and innovations. To stand-out from the competitive landscape and emerging trends, it's crucial for brands to implement a new game plan for meaningful and inta-worthy designs. We'll blend together your brand strategy, roadmap, trend insights, customer experiences, and unique aesthetics to create the perfect brand smoothie – no basic apples and kale here. We're talking sprunilla, mushroom, chlorophyl and ashwagandha – an enticing blend that's on trend, truly killer, and sure to satisfy. 

Our thought leadership taps into the fundamental shifts of the beauty industry, identifies underlying consumer needs, and obsessively reads trend forecasts to keep our fingers on the pulse what's next in beauty, fashion, wellness, and retail. We'll analyze the trends and provide strategies to help you understand and adapt to consumer wants and needs, and keep you ahead of the competition. We translate the intelligence into bespoke strategies for product innovation, design, marketing, and beyond to position your brand for for success in an over-saturated market.

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"We couldn't be happier with Katie at 29 + Co. We were blown away by her talent, knowledge, speed, and patience. Unlike many designers that bring THEIR vision to you, she brings YOUR vision to life. Her  designs have radically transformed our website, and her knowledge of the beauty industry and  trends informs what products we now focus on. She's a creative consultant and designer in one. We couldn't recommend  her highly enough."