Getting a professional, outside perspective of your brand is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. During the Brand Reality Check, we will evaluate, brainstorm, and strategize how to move your business forward. We'll discuss your struggles, strengths, and goals. After our talk, you'll receive a 3-step action plan that will set you in the right direction. 
The Brand Reality Check is an investment of $200. 

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Positioning your brand to capture and amplify your point of difference and authentic personality is necessary to stand out in a saturated industry.

Evaluating the aesthetics, layout, messaging, and point-of-purchase will ensure the customer's experience is user-friendy, intuitive, and consistent to increase your sales and conversion rate.

Analyzing your online presence to ensure your social media strategy is helping your business and attracting your ideal clients. 

Establishing who your ideal customers are, what your customers value most, and how to enhance their shopping experience is crucial in your brand's success.

Nailing your message and consistently providing value will allow you to build trust and make connections with your customers.

Preparing packaging that is designed to succeed at your target channels is necessary for success in retail. No matter how fabulous your product formulations, your product's packaging is your brand's initial presentation to your consumers. 

Refining your products, services, scalability, pricing, marketing tactics, messaging to ensure they are consistent with your brand values.

Dreaming big and discussing how to approach short term and long terms goals.


You’re unclear if  your  online presence is helping or harming  your business.
You want your brand’s website to attract your ideal clients and convert visitors to customers.
You want to improve the overall look, feel, and focus of your brand.
You want your brand to capture your authentic voice and set your brand apart from your competition.
You're ready to invest in the success and future of your business.