Intuitive Brand Building Masterclass.

Whether you’re just getting started or have an established brand, I’ll work directly with you to transform your beauty brand and bring your vision to life.


You've poured your heart and soul into your beauty brand and you're ready to take a quantum leap to get to the next level, to reach optimum exposure in retail, press, and social media.

What if you had a strategic partner who values your trust, understands your pain-points, offers an element of je ne sais quoi, and brings a world of beauty industry expertise to the game?

What if you had personal guidance to help you navigate your brand's next steps, in way that is so soulfully aligned to the essence of your brand, that it feels like play?

At 29 + Co., we're here to help guide, support, and empower your expanding beauty brand.



Design strategy

Want to update your brand’s overall look and feel? Not sure if your logo is communicating the right message to your customers? Unclear on your brand’s creative direction? Together, we’ll clarify your point of differentiation and leverage that insight to create growth opportunities.


verbal strategy

How are you interacting with your customers? Are you creating genuine connections with your audience? How do you approach new customers? Lacking on engagement? Whatever your pain point, we’ll figure out how you can take your marketing tactics to the next level.


growth strategy

How do you successfully scale your business? Which retailers are right for your brand? What’s the best way to overcome growth hurdles? Want an action plan that aligns with your values and motivations? You’ve come to the right place! I’ll help you get your brand on track.

The Process.

We use a carefully curated approach figure out the best ways to attract your ideal customers and position your brand to stand out. Together we'll establish your brand's sweet spot, discover what makes your customers tick, dive into the latest trends to decode what's next, and translate how that insight could impact your brand. Through a collaborative discovery session, I’ll surface insights to discover the essence of your brand. Next we’ll clarify your specific vision and (re)think your current boundaries within the brand, marketplace, and industry. We'll connect the dots with your evolving priorities and align it with an uniquely articulated strategy that will propel your brand forward. This is where all the magic happens!


Free Offer.

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