• Does This Sound Familiar? •

Are you…

…constantly trying to figure out what’s missing in your brand?
…wanting to turn your customers into obsessed fans?
…having trouble communicating your vision to your team?
…wanting to stay relevant in a constantly-evolving industry?
…needing to make impactful yet cost-effective updates?
…confident that you have a great idea, but no one gets it?
…too embarrassed to send out promotional emails?
…wanting to be the next Glossier or Kylie Jenner?
…stressed, confused, or feeling defeated and need help, like… yesterday?


I’m here to help you, make you feel comfortable, and give your brand (and you!) new life.

Getting a professional, outside perspective to help guide you, is one of the smartest investments you can make for your business. Together, we will figure out the best way to move your business forward, pursuant to you specific values and goals. We'll discuss your struggles, strengths, and goals. After our talk, you'll receive a 3-step action plan that will set you in the right direction. 
The Brand Reality Check is an investment of $200.